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Content Management Manuals

This page lists the Content Management System documentation.

Content Organization and Formatting

Getting Started

Read this first. An introduction to the system and an overview of the documentation.

Basic Concepts Basic information on the organization of the website and the Content Management System.

Basic Requirements

Content Management System restrictions and suggestions on how to make your website easier to use.

Editing Tools

Edit Content The main access point to tools for adding, deleting, editing, and previewing pages, and for uploading PDF and graphic files. It also provides access to usage information for PDF, graphics, and other uploaded files.
Page Editor Edits and previews pages.
Administrative Calendar Add, delete, and modify calendar entries.
Sorted Tables How to set up optional sorted tables.
Slide Shows Add, delete, and modify optional slide shows.
Layout Formatting Edit the style of fonts in page templates.  Optionally edit the appearance of cells in page templates.

Checking Tools

Spell Checker Checks the entire site for spelling errors. It also provides access to the Local Dictionary.
Local Links Checker Checks the entire site for missing or unused local links and anchors.
Off-Site Links Checker Checks the entire site for missing off-site links.
Graphics & Images Displays the Menu Graphics and General Images available on the site and provides access to usage information.

Publishing Tools

Version Control Controls the version of the content of both the Administrative Site and the Public Site and lets you update the Administrative search index, make snapshots and switch versions of Administrative Site, and switch versions of the Public Site.
Publish Publishes the current Administrative Site to the publicly visible Public Site and changes the Publishing Password.

Markup and Administration


Definition of the Markup language that is used to format pages on your website.

Administration Information for your System Administrator.
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